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We are delighted to see that in 2023, GN Architects continues to output in the areas of health care and headquarters office advantages, and has also achieved remarkable results in new fields such as carbon neutrality and new energy parks, cultural tourism, rural revitalization, and urban renewal. Let's start the new year with this year-end inventory.


Feb 02,2024/


Urban renewal has become the core sector of current urban construction, and health preservation will also become a crucial focus in urban construction in the stock era. From the perspective of urban renewal, how to make positive responses through health and wellness as content, and solve the problems that were overlooked in the past high-speed development era for cities and residents?


Jan 01,2024/


The TV series "Blossoms Shanghai" has once again made the Peace Hotel the focus of attention. However, there are still many amazing niche secrets hidden around here, which are treasure landmarks that only locals have dug up through the streets and alleys for more than a decade.


Jan 01,2024/

直播 | 【1月6日19:30 AT建筑技艺直播】管轶群:好的故事——养老社区设计实践与思考

On January 6, 2024 (Saturday) from 19:30 to 21:00, the 31st episode of "AT Architecture+" will hit with a heavy weight! Mr. Guan Yiqun, from GN Architects, was invited to give a single live broadcast as the main speaker, sharing about "Good Stories: Practice and Reflection on Elderly Care Community Design"

2024年1月6日(周六)19:30-21:00“AT建筑+”第31讲 重磅来袭!GN栖城设计管轶群受邀单人本次直播主讲,分享《好的故事:养老社区设计实践与思考》

Jan 01,2024/

栖城项目现场 | 国华·合悦家国际康养中心

The project is located in the Taopu Smart City area of Putuo District, Shanghai. It is a flagship elderly care community project of Guohua Life Insurance and an important supporting part of the Taopu Smart City project. The project has been under preparation for nearly two years and is currently under construction. The demonstration zone was completed and opened to the public in October 2023.


Dec 12,2023/

AWARDS | 栖城设计获6项上海建筑学会第十届建筑创作奖

The results of the 10th Architectural Creation Award of ASSC were officially announced in November. GN Architects achieved 2 Recognition Awards (highest level), 2 Honorable Mention Awards, and 2 Nomination Awards.


Nov 11,2023/

栖城项目现场 | 中国能谷产业生态区先行区

China Energy Valley Industrial Ecological Zone Pilot Zone, which is the first CARBON NEUTRALITY INDUSTRIAL PARK PROJECT in Nanjing, has completed the construction of curtain walls recently. The project was launched at the end of 2021, and Qicheng Design was responsible for the architectural scheme design of the pilot area.


Nov 11,2023/